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Welcome to the mIRCStats Eggdrop Logger Page!

mEL creates channel logfiles in mIRCStyle so that you can use them to create statistics with the wonderful mIRCStats program!
This tcl does NOT create HTML-files, it just creates logfiles!



  • Multiple channel support
  • Automatic switching of logfiles after an x amount of days
  • Easy to use partyline commands
  • Exclude users from being logged (Only in 1.5.3)
  • Easy removal of redundant logfiles
  • Easy to set up
  • Control codes are automatically stripped
  • Supports windrops as well
  • Incremental logging combined with mAC
  • Save logfiles with or without leading #
  • Eggdrop style helpfile

mIRCStats Automation Control script for mIRC!

What is it? With mAC loaded into your mIRC you can combine the eggdrop logs with mIRCStats and automatically produce statistics of your channel at any desired moment. mAC supports multiple channels and is a real joy to have! Never forget to update your statistics page again with mAC!!
Get this wonderful piece of scripting here!!!

Perl IRC Statistics Generator!

PISG is an opensource Perl script which creates statistics pages just like mIRCStats and IrcStats do! Since itís opensource you can help improving the script more and more, or customize it to your needs. More information on PISG can be found here!


Vergo wrote a linux version of mIRCStats so with a little bit of work you can fully automate the creation of statistics pages on a linux system! How? When you set mEL to mAC mode then mEL simply looks if a logfile is missing on itís current location and then starts writing a new log. So with a little work the mAC feature of mEL will work with IrcStats as well!
Get your copy of IrcStats here!


Hereís the files!!!

mIRCStats Eggdrop Logger version 1.6.0beta + MySQL + FTP

mIRCStats Eggdrop Logger 2.0

Last file update: 18 Jul 2004